Adult Programs and Classes

Adult climbing programs at Ascension are a great way to meet new people and progress your climbing. Has it felt like you’ve been stuck on a particular route grade for a long time? Come learn some new techniques and training methods to help push past. Our Community Crush and Ladies’ Night classes focus on how to best warm up for injury prevention, climbing techniques, on-the-wall training exercises, and other climbing-specific strength conditioning.

Ladies Night

Ladies' night is back at Ascension Rock Club! Our new coach Elyssa Watford leads the night to help you improve your skills and technique, provide warm-up routines and stretching to help reduce the risk of injuries, and hone your strength with climbing-specific workouts.

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Ascension Climbing League

The Climbing League is returning in the winter of 2023! The Ascension Climbing League is the perfect way to meet other climbers and have an ongoing friendly competition!

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Community Crush

Returning in November, the Community Crush is built for our members! Join us every Tuesday night to climb, train, and make new friends!

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Beginning Boulders

Beginning boulders is the perfect class for new or first time climbers. It's designed to teach you the basics to start climbing safely and avoid pitfalls that commonly face new climbers.

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