Community Crush

The Community Crush and Ladies Night programs are going to be integrated with our League Nights starting in mid-September! Check back soon for details!

Community Crush is returning this summer/fall at Ascension Rock Club! It is tentatively scheduled to be Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30. Check back for pricing and details.

Join an awesome crew of climbers in crushing every Tuesday night at Ascension. This six-week program involves more intensive training and may not be for the faint at heart. We welcome climbers of all ability levels and is well-suited for climbers that can consistently climb all the yellow problems in the gym and is finding sticking points in the grades blue and above.

We focus on all aspects of climbing, from building stability, strength, and power to refining technique and footwork. Physical conditioning is also a part of this program.

If you are curious about this program and want to see what it’s about, we welcome you to do a one-time session (with a reservation) for $10 to see if it’s the right program for you.