Community Crush

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Tuesday 6:30-8:30
Free for autopay members
$5 non-members (not including day pass or rentals)

Community Crush will resume fall hours on August 29th!

Ascend to new heights with the vibrant Community Crush crew every Tuesday night at Ascension! Under the leadership of our seasoned coach, Lee Petersen, this program isn’t just your standard climbing meetup—it’s a rigorous journey tailored for climbers keen on pushing their boundaries.

While Community Crush welcomes climbers of all skill levels, it’s meticulously crafted for those who’ve confidently tackled all the level 2 routes in our gym. If grades 3 and above occasionally stump you, this is your ideal arena for growth and refinement.

Lee’s expert guidance ensures that each session offers a well-rounded climbing experience. Participants can look forward to honing their stability, strength, and explosive power. In tandem, the program emphasizes the artistic side of climbing, from mastering intricate techniques and precise footwork to strategizing for those especially challenging routes.

But climbing is just one facet. Integrated physical conditioning segments guarantee participants are in prime form, ready to face both familiar routes and new challenges. Beyond the physical feats, Community Crush is also a vibrant hub for climbers. It’s where shared aspirations converge, fostering an environment of mutual growth, encouragement, and camaraderie.

If you’re passionate about transcending your climbing limits and connecting with a spirited community of climbers, Community Crush is where you belong. Join us, elevate your skills, and forge lasting bonds.

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