Beginning Boulders
1 Hour


Highlights of Beginning Boulders

  • Learn how to fall safely
  • Learn how the route system works
  • Learn basic climbing techniques to help you succeed
  • Learn basic practices for injury prevention
  • Small class size for more personalized instruction
  • Includes day pass and shoe rental (you are welcome to keep climbing after the hour lesson)

Beginning boulders is the perfect class for new or first-time climbers. It’s designed to teach you the basics to start climbing safely and avoid pitfalls that commonly face new climbers. After a brief safety orientation, we begin with some basic warm-up exercises to help with mobility and injury prevention. We then cover falling safely and some basic climbing techniques that are often overlooked by beginners. If time permits we’ll show you some activities and games that climbers do to help improve their skills!

By appointment only, call to schedule!

*We require 24 hour advance notification for class cancellation. Cancellations with under 24-hour notice will be charged $15.