Need to Update or Manage Your Current Membership?


If you love to climb as much as we do, you may need a climbing membership. Our members are able to climb during all open hours without any additional fees. We offer two types of membership: recurring and prepaid.


Recurring memberships have several perks not available with prepaid memberships:

  • $10/month savings over prepaid
  • One guest pass per month
  • Shoe rental add-on only $10/month
  • 10% discount on durable goods excluding chalk and food
  • Exclusive and/or discounted access to many programs or events like Bouldering 101 and Bouldering League
  • Ability to add family members at a discounted rate
  • Manage or update your membership online

All recurring memberships are subject to a one-time joining fee of $20. Since it saves $10/month compared to the prepaid plans it starts saving money after only three months! There is no fee to convert a single membership to a family membership. Any membership may be placed on hold for an unlimited term of $5/month.

*Rates are increasing by $5 monthly on January 1 of 2023. Memberships started before that date will be grandfathered in at the old rates.

Recurring MonthlyAdultsYouth, Students, Over 55
Recurring/EFT Membership$55$45
One-Time Joining Fee$20$20
Shoe Rental Add-On$10$10

Family Memberships

If your family loves to climb, you will need our family membership plan for maximum savings. Our family membership is structured to be progressively more affordable for each new member added. Family members enjoy all the same benefits as our regular members, but must be billed to one individual with all members sharing one home address.

Family MembershipMonthly Fee
Initiation Fee (First Member Only)$20
1st Member$55
2nd Member$45
3rd Member$25
4th Member & After$15

Members can be added and removed without additional joining fees (perfect if kids go off to college and return for summers!). Conversion of a single membership to a family membership or a family membership to a single membership will not incur a fee.

Prepaid Membership

Prepaid memberships start the day you designate and end when the period indicates (1 month, 3 months, or 1 year). Prepaid memberships are great for anyone in town seasonally (2 months or less) as they do not have a joining fee associated.

Prepaid MembershipAdultsYouth, Students, Over 55
1 Month$65$55
3 Months$180$150
Shoe Rental Add-on$15/Month$15/Month