Spring 2021 Bouldering League

Spring 2021 Bouldering League

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This is the new page for Spring 2021 Bouldering League participants. Be sure to save or bookmark it, all news and updates and standings will be posted here.

News and Updates

Check at the front desk to make sure we have your t-shirt size!

Welcome to the new season! If you’re new to league, there are a few things to know. Your team can climb at any time, but we have special timeslot for 6:30-9:00 pm that we would prefer teams climb. You can read the full Rules here.

For those of you that climbed last season, the only update is to how routes are marked that are eligible to be climbed for scoring. All routes that are “on” for a given week will be marked with white tape and named. Just like last season, the easier of a grade will be marked with the green tape like the image below. You can’t score for routes without the white tape.

Make-Up Information

If you are making up for the previous week, please note that you do not have all the named routes available for climbing. If you need to make-up for week 3, the warp wall is off and the north prow is on (unnamed). For the unnamed problems write the hold color and number for the name. The easier grade is marked with green tape on the number as photographed below. The out-of-bounds area on the wave is also marked. Also note that you only have until Thursday afternoon before the holds on the north prow come down, so get your make-up in before then!

Make sure to select 4 under “participants”

Week 7: Top 6 scoring problems from each member. (2 hours)

Final Standings

Team NameTotal Score (Weighted)Rank
Boulder Brigade1905.21
It Hurts So Good1845.02
The Rockies1780.13
Crimpin’ Ain’t Easy1775.64
Heel Hookers1769.75
Friction Beasts1673.07
Awesome Sauce1634.38
The Spelunkers1631.89
The Geckos1529.911
We’ve Peaked1491.012
The Beaver Fevers1396.013
Flashing Friends1370.814
Crag House429.617