Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga at Ascension

Yoga for climbers! Yoga for everyone!

Have you been interested in yoga, but aren’t quite sure if it is for you? We encourage you to try it out – our classes are fun and challenging and people usually leave with a smile. Join us in a relaxed and friendly space to see what Vinyasa yoga is about. We would love to see you!

Classes offered Wednesdays
7:00 – 8:00 pm

Call or stop by the front desk to sign up. Class size is limited to 8. Ascension Members are free. Non-members pay $10/class.

Our Classes

Our classes are accessible to all levels. Yoga is not about finding perfection in a pose but coming into the poses from where you are today. Our classes focus on the whole body, with the occasional class homing in on areas identified by students as something they want to work on.

You don’t have to be athletic to do yoga – though if you try it and stick with it there is a high likelihood you will notice your mind and body changing. Our Vinyasa style class is active, and you will move a lot – building heat and lengthening and strengthening your muscles.

About Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to place in a special way.’ Vinyasa yoga takes the asanas – or poses – and links them together in a flowing and dynamic pattern. For this reason, you may hear people call a Vinyasa yoga series of poses a ‘flow.’ The breath is a critical component in Vinyasa yoga – instigating a moving into or coming out of a particular shape. Often a folding in of one’s body is accompanied with an exhalation, while opening up brings with it an inhalation. The overall pace of a Vinyasa flow class can vary – though it is always linked to the breath.

Vinyasa also represents the mini-series of poses of Plank, Chaturanga (think triceps push-up), Cobra/Up Dog, and Downward Facing Dog. This group of poses is a link between the rest of the flow and is a transition within a more extensive series of poses called a Salutation. There are three basic Salutations, but remember, Vinyasa is a creative flow, so depending on the teacher, there could be significant variation within a Salutation.

Finally, Vinyasa represents the repetition of moving in and out of a pose or series of poses within the overall flow. For example, you might go from Downward Dog to Plank back up to Downward Dog back to Plank and repeat.

Vinyasa is an athletic style of yoga and side effects could be increased body and breath awareness, strength and flexibility.

Yoga is Good for You

Johns Hopkins published an article on nine benefits of yoga. Check the details out here: 9 Benefits of Yoga All you have to do is search “benefits of yoga” online and numerous lists and articles appear. It’s true – yoga is good for you!

What to Bring

A yoga mat if you have one – if not, no worries, we have mats to borrow

Comfortable clothes – yoga pants not required

Water – some days we get warm

Kindness – do not be hard on yourself when something is challenging or the pose doesn’t look like your neighbor’s


Hi friends! I’m Athena a yogi and climber, I love this community and am so happy to have returned home. Building strength in calmness is how I practice. I am working on My 500 hr yoga certification with my vinyasa a studio out of Austin, TX which will be completed by summer 2023! I was in the Navy for about 6 years and return home in 2021 after being gone for 16 years. I love teaching and have taught all most ages groups from adolescent to elder. I am a woman of many crafts and yoga is apart of my lifestyle, I’m home for good and can’t wait to be apart of this communities growth, climb from the inside out! 

For Questions

If you have any questions regarding yoga, feel free to email me at Any other questions regarding class times and availability contact the front desk at Ascension.