Ready for the 1st league season!

Some of you might be wondering what to expect with the Bouldering League starting on Monday. What kinds of challenges are going to be asked of you? How is the scoring going to work? Where can we check our rankings? Is it going to hurt?

Here’s an attempt answer to a few of those questions and give more insight into what to expect.

There’s a web page for your team to reserve your time-slots and to check current standings. Any important information for the week can be found there. If you are on the Fall League you should bookmark that page.


Individual scoring is based on problems completed. Everyone will have a select difficulty range of problems that they can climb each week for points based on his or her division. With caveats.

Not all weeks are weighted the same. And we’re not telling you what weeks are worth more. So it pays to climb to the best of your ability every week.

There may be a couple of “calibration” challenges meant to determine if everyone is truly in the right division. Certain results may lead us to suggest you move down a division or “suggest” that you move up a division. These weeks won’t have as high of weight as others, but again, we’re not telling you when. This is to ensure that everyone is on an even playing field.

Sample scoring sheet

Climbers need to self-regulate their divisions as well as possible. Climbers may need to change their division sometime during the eight weeks (part of the goal is to improve). If you find yourself easily climbing many of the problems at the top of your division, consider bumping yourself up the following week.

Grades are now divided in difficulty from yellow up. An “easy” yellow (or other color) is marked with a green square

The Climbing

Each week will have a different challenge that may require to adopt a different strategy to score high points. Each weekly challenge will be posted the weekend before the start. Some possible examples could be:

  • Top 5 scores
  • Top 6 team scores
  • Top 3 scores repeating each problem 3 times

There may be a different amount of time allotted to complete your challenge each week. Some may be the full 2.5 hour League time-slot; others may only give your team an hour. Most challenges will have 2 hours to complete. Teams will need to have the start and finish times initialed by desk staff.

We’re really looking forward to the first season. So far, nine teams signed on, and plenty more are interested! If you don’t have a team of four we can still help place you on a team. The registration deadline is Sunday, but you can still sign up next week as long as you can complete the first-week challenge before Friday!

Don’t forget our coach Emily will be helping out most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays if you would like some guidance or coaching!

More info on the rules

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