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Fall 2020 Bouldering League

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This page will be updated weekly with current standings and any important news for league participants. Below is the reservation page for teams as well as the current week’s challenge and standings. It’s best if the team captain makes a reservation under his/her name (you don’t have to enter the info for each climber, just make sure you select 4 participants). If you’re on the league this fall season you may want to save or bookmark this page!

News and Updates

If your team had an absentee or team couldn’t participate last week (especially in cases of needing to quarantine for unknown COVID cases), please let us know so we can make accommodations for a make-up time. The next wall section doesn’t come down until Thursday, so try to make it in before then. We definitely don’t want anyone to have to be excluded or miss out for reasons like that!

This Week – 10/19-10/24

Week 5: Top 5 Scoring Problems For Team (2 hours)
Every member must contribute 1 score

The warp wall is off this week for scoring. The section end marker is taped and the individual problems are marked with white tape like below. Each week the section that is being reset will be out-of-bounds.


TeamCurrent Score
The Geckos796
Snap, Crackle, Pop740
Moms With Altitude737
Mighty Panthers728
The Heel Hookers687
The L Word653
Moon Light647
Fairbanks Flash548
The Goats546
Crimpin’ Ain’t Easy500
One For All 4 For Fun497
The Rock Crushers476
Team Dyno Mite441
Last Updated 10/20 (week 4 results, still waiting on make-ups scores may change)

Photo Gallery


If someone on your team can’t make it, here’s a list of people you can try to stand-in. Let us know if you or someone you know may be available as a stand-in.

Lee Petersentext/phone603-748-1057