Fall 2020 Bouldering League

Fall 2020 Bouldering League

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Thanks for an awesome first league season!

Shirts are in! Pick yours up at the front desk.

I’ll be posting a survey soon to see what you liked or hated about the league. Based on feedback already, we will absolutely be doing a winter/spring league beginning in early February (tentatively Feb. 1 – Apr 3 with a week off for Spring Break).

There were some awesome shake-ups in the last couple of weeks! Big congratulations to everyone! I’m still running some numbers, but it looks like on the average, everyone got better by half a color-grade over 8 weeks!



TeamCurrent Score
The Heel Hookers1756
Moon Light1722
Mighty Panthers1712
The Geckos1703
Moms With Altitude1660
Snap, Crackle, Pop1648
The Goats1623
The L Word1603
Fairbanks Flash1491
One For All and 4 For Fun1486
Crimpin’ Ain’t Easy1354
Team Dyno Mite1122
The Rock Crushers886

News and Updates

If your team had an absentee or team couldn’t participate last week (especially in cases of needing to quarantine for unknown COVID cases), please let us know so we can make accommodations for a make-up time. The next wall section doesn’t come down until Thursday, so try to make it in before then. We definitely don’t want anyone to have to be excluded or miss out for reasons like that!

This Week – 11/9-11/14

Week 8: Top 11 scoring problems from each member. The bottom 8 scores per team are thrown out. (2 hours)

Vert wall off this week


If someone on your team can’t make it, here’s a list of people you can try to stand-in. Let us know if you or someone you know may be available as a stand-in.

Lee Petersentext/phone603-748-1057