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Ascension Climbing League

  • Season Begins September 21st and ends November 13th
  • $40/Person (member price) – 8 Week Season – Includes T-shirt (available mid-season – not included for alternates)
  • Registration Deadline September 20th
  • Coaching Available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Nights
  • All ability levels are welcome! Scoring is based on a handicap system and teams can consist of a mix of abilities!
  • Note that the fee covers League registration only, not the cost of admission or rentals.

Welcome to the Fall Ascension Climbing League

New for 2020, the Ascension Climbing League is the perfect way to meet other climbers and have an ongoing friendly competition!

League teams will be composed of a group of 4 climbers of any skill level. If you don’t have a group of 4, no worries, we can help find extra members or a team you can join. All teams are welcome to have an alternate or two (and we’ll try to create a pool of alternates) in case a team member isn’t able to make it for a week or two.

Every week may be a different challenge or competition. All scores are based on a handicap system that is determined based on each climber’s division. The divisions are based on flash ability (highest color of route consistently flashed). Team scores are tabulated at the end of the week and accumulated through the 8 week season.

Designated league times will be 6:30-9 pm Monday – Friday*. Each team must participate in one (and only one) session each week. (You are welcome to climb as much as you want, but you will only get one night for scoring and that must be pre-designated). Your entire team must be present at the same time for scores to count but it’s fine to change which day of the week you compete.

For those of you that have participated in Community Crush or Ladies night in the past, our head coach, Emily Mengerhausen will be available for coaching most Monday, Wednesday, or Friday nights.

*If no times work for your team, let us know and we’ll try to find a time that works for you.